Ironing out wrinkles

I was thinking about botox until my boyfriend made the offhand comment that it effectively kills your nerve endings. That felt like a bit of a raw deal like you have to take life to give life…not cool.

So I’ve been looking on the market and decided to invest in n electric device called the galvanic spa (discount code to follow). Now I am a skeptic and really did not believe the before and after pictures I had seen plastered online, claiming amazing results in five minutes. So of course I set up and experiment…

I wanted to see the biggest impact, so asked my nan to come over so I could give it a go, somewhat reluctantly she agreed. The way the device works is through electric charges. The device emits the same charge that is laced through your anti aging product and as such repels it, pushing it deeper into the skin for a better result. So simple I’m slightly annoyed that I did not think of it.

If any of you are on Facebook, I did this experiment live so you can see it in action! For those that are not here’s the time stamped version of the results. There was a cup of tea in between the before picture and me getting started… but the results on the forehead are amazing!!

I am currently obsessed with this little machine and could talk for hours about it. If you’d like to find out more you can email me at or add me on Facebook (where you’ll also find the live!) at Georgina Stephens

nan wrinkles.JPG


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