Mud mud glorious mud!

Until recently I have been team sheet mask, a large part down to the fact that you just peel them off and pop them in the bin when done. A few face masks have been appearing on my Facebook feed recently, and two in particular stood out:

-the charcoal mask

-the mud mask

After seeing countless people whimpering in pain using the charcoal mask, I decided to give the mud a go. Each application costs just under a pound so I figured it was a good investment.

The ingredients list is incredibly short on this one, just seven items, one of which is the clay and another is water. The rest keep it fresh and bacteria free 🙂

I applied the mask with my fingers, but you could use a brush if you are feeling fancy! After about 5 minutes it started to dry out sucking the oil with it. You may recall from previous posts that I suffer from a bit of a puppy nose, so this was super beneficial for me. I also love to see things working… check this out:


mud mask close

After this came the part I was dreading… taking it off… I envisioned ruined cloths and vigorous scrubbing.. actually it was easy to get off my face and rinsed out of my cloths quite easily with warm water.

Needless to say from all of this, I am bit of a convert! I am now using this mask every 2/3 days to keep my skin fresh and clean, and I am now on my second tube.

Until the end of June 2017, I have 10% off of the RRP, please email me for deets


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