Harry Potter Sorting Bath Bomb

Yes you read that right! A bath bomb that tells you your house as well as giving you a necklace of your given house.

This bomb was so much fun! I did a cheeky Facebook live as I popped the bomb in and waited….. for about a minute until the colour green emerged forth…. alas I was ‘sorted’ into Slytherin the least favourite of all Potter houses. A word of warning here, do not touch the bomb until it is finished or you may end up with skin to match your given house!

On the plus side, my bath smelt nice an flowery and had some nice essential oils in it so my skin feels silky smooth (be careful when you stand up though, it’s a bit slippery). The necklace is also reasonable quality and looks cute 🙂

Would totally recommend picking one up link here and having some fun with your friends!


Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/Sandie-Peters-Commercial-Photographer-251167678228451/?ref+bookmarks

Bath Bomb Babes info: http://www.facebook.com/Bath-Bomb_Babes-1079273288759668/


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