Bare faced Chic

Since the age of 15 I have worn make up pretty much every day with the only exceptions of:

-days when I don’t leave the house

-the occasional day on holiday

Huffington post reported that 44% of women feel unattractive not wearing make up and I definitely in that group! Make up is no longer an enhancement, more of a safety blanket…so I wondered could I throw off the blanket?

Matt never wears any makeup, and to me he looks nice, when then do I need to wear it?why should it feel like a requirement as opposed to an option? The Telegraph reported in 2013 that more than two thirds of employers were less likely to hire a female applicant if they didn’t wear make up in the interview..wait what?!

So in the interest of research, I decided to ‘do an Alicia Keyes’ as they call it and to go make up free for one day, so see what other people thought, but most importantly to see how I felt.

Recently I have been investing in my skin and have found a routine that works for me to stop the spots and the shine that my skin suffers with, which prompted me to think why do I need foundation? (skin care reviews will follow in other posts)

So on this cold May day I bit the bullet and left the house for work make up free. I was expecting the classic “you look tired” and “you feeling ok” responses, but was pleasantly surprised. No one noticed, apart from one person asking why my face was a bit pink (I get pink cheeks naturally).

It is amazing that something that makes so much difference in my head does not even really register to the 10/15 work colleagues I saw today. It may be that they are being polite, or as they already know me they see past the dark circles and red cheeks, but it does show that there were not the negative reactions that I expected. Also I did not feel as though I stuck out half as much as I thought I would.

Why not give yourself an extra half an hour in bed one morning and try going make up free? you never know you might be pleasantly surprised!



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