Lactose intollerance – A Solution

My boyfriend Matt has not been able to eat dairy for some seven years now. It’s not a fad diet (unlike a lot of people nowadays) it is a case of if he eats it, he is very sick and can’t leave the constraints of the bathroom.

There are of course work rounds and lactofree products that you can use, which is easy to do, but the problem is restaurants and takeaways. Whilst these guys should make it clear where an allergy sufferer should be careful its not always so simple and sometimes Matt just wants the cheese!

A lady at work has the same intolerance and I saw her eating loads of dairy. Her secret? Lactase capsules from her home country! Having done some research I found the super lactase enzyme tablets in the picture on the Holland and Barrett website. I wanted a supplier I knew so I felt safer that they would work and these had over 100 positive reviews.

Matt and I enjoyed a pizza on Friday with no negative effects, these work! They usually cost £11 for 60 tablets so they are not cheap, but at the moment they are down to £5 so 8p each, definitely worth it for the freedom and peace of mind!


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