A Cat Lover’s Paradise

As mentioned in my previous post, nothing makes me happier than spending time with our feline friends.

That said, if you throw tea; or in this case all manner of fancy hot beverages with cats on into the mix then I am somewhere close to heaven. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is a cat lady’s paradise.

There are a few cat cafes in London, but Lady D’s stands out for a number of reasons:

  1. They adopt  as opposed to shopping for cats
  2. They have made sure there are places for the cats to hide should they need a break
  3. They haven’t got greedy and starting packing in visitors to the detriment of the residents
  4. They also do cool activities like yoga and pet first aid courses
  5. The décor was made totally with cats in mind, there’s a fake tree, cat shelves a rope bridge etc
  6. The drinks and food are awesome (and reasonably priced)
  7. They do Vegan cake that tastes good

Essentially the thirteen residents are happy, well looked after and loved.

I have been to the café about 6 times (I would go more, but you need to book up to three months in advance). Everyone that has come with me has come out feeling calmer and loved the place.. I’m telling you cats are magic!

I would 100% recommend a visit. Make sure you have some extra cash on you for their gift shop, the toy I bought for Moshi last time is now his ultimate favourite (thank goodness that its not one with a squeak or bell).

I would love to hear about your experiences of cat cafes!



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