Cauliflower Rice?

On Insta you will have seen lots of people posting about cauliflower rice (over 83,000!). Essentially its being hailed as a healthy less carby version of rice. The trend for faux-carbs is growing and our favourite foods are being re-imagined as healthy for example the cauliflower rice can be blended with egg and used to make a healthy pizza base – just watch out for the cheese!

Now this is the easiest recipe you will ever see:

1.cut up your cauliflower (however much you would like)

2.blitz it in a blender until it looks like rice

3.pop on a baking tray with a tiny spray of olive oil and bake at 200 degrees for 10/12 minutes

You can also microwave it or stir fry it with a bit of egg for a healthier take on a Chinese takeaway.

It tastes quite nice accompanying something although I wouldn’t munch on it plain as I am not the biggest cauli-fan!


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