Instagram Brand Ambassador Programs

Nowadays there are hundreds of new companies springing up utilising social media as their primary marketing strategy.

In this year’s BBC Apprentice, Jessica was looking to grow a fashion brand by sending celebrities her wares in exchange for them featuring them on their popular Instagram and twitter accounts. This is not a new concept, fashion houses have been clamouring to dress the most popular celebrities (especially for award shows where there are guaranteed photos) for years.

The new approach a lot of brands are adopting is the appointing of ambassadors. A lot of them will approach someone with an interest in their area e.g. a makeup company may approach a make up artist, and will offer them the opportunity. Most of these programs essentially involve the person buying some of the range (at a ‘special’ price) and featuring it on their social media sometimes featuring a discount code.

If the ambassador is given a discount code they may make a little commission from any sales made with it, otherwise the value of your ambassadorship is pretty much nil. The products tend to be worth what you have paid for them at your special price, or in some instances less.

People are flattered when companies as them to do this, as they’ll usually throw in a compliment or two but normally there is no real gain to be had for the consumer. Of course there are companies that collaborate with people and send them free items to try out, my problem is the companies where you need to buy a (sometimes expensive) piece of their merch to advertise for them. It seems backwards to me!

How to spot these ploys

-They may comment on a picture or send a DM complimenting you and then saying something like we’d love to work with you, link in our bio

-you follow the link and it will ask you to give them your email etc to ‘apply’ for the ambassador program

-you apply and get a generic email essentially saying buy an X at  special discounted rate, with a link to their shop

-you buy it they send you an email to post on social media

-that’s about it unless you are really lucky and they actually like your post.

I would recommend

-only give it a go if you genuinely like the product (if you had never heard of the product or liked it before its probably not worth going for it)

-If you buy something, only post it on social media if you actually like it. Being true to yourself and authentic is worth a lot more than a little commission!


PS my lovely little Moshi has no interest in American politics, he’s such a sell out 😉


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