The cutest lip balm ever?!

As you will have gathered from some of my other blog posts, I love a bit of K-Beauty. A lot of this love comes from having effective products in super cute packaging.

Skinfood is a Korean brand that essentially bases it products on using the helpful properties of various foods. I love their motto “beauty food for the urban sweety”. It’s not widely available in the UK, but you can find odd bits on Amazon and YesStyle. This particular product I got in a beauty box from Kawaii Panda¬†who also sell lots of great Kbeauty products.

This Skinfood avocado and olive lip balm is certainly a looker! The balm goes on transparent and is not sticky at all. It is a great product and not for eating of course, but if you do accidently lick some (like I did) it is strangely sweet.

You only need a tiny swipe of the balm to coat your lips, which is great as it will last a long time. The balm stays on for between 1 and 2 hours depending on if someone has put the kettle on.

This does moisturise your lips well, although there are a lot of products that I wouldn’t need to ship from Korea that do this. The beauty of this product is definitely the packaging. A male colleague asked for some balm the other day and the look on his face when I busted this baby out was worth the shipping by itself.

A great conversation starter, and a good balm.


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