Lactose intollerance – A Solution

My boyfriend Matt has not been able to eat dairy for some seven years now. It’s not a fad diet (unlike a lot of people nowadays) it is a case of if he eats it, he is very sick and can’t leave the constraints of the bathroom. There are of course work rounds and lactofree…

A Cat Lover’s Paradise

London’s answer to the cat shortage

Cauliflower Rice?

On Insta you will have seen lots of people posting about cauliflower rice (over 83,000!). Essentially its being hailed as a healthy less carby version of rice. The trend for faux-carbs is growing and our favourite foods are being re-imagined as healthy for example the cauliflower rice can be blended with egg and used to make a…

What is Life Coaching?

cuddling bunnies and dancing in the rain? via What is Life Coaching? — Essex Life Coach