Glass Etching with Unicorn Power

I recently had the change to try glass etching. I was a touch tentative as I thought I’d be using a nail file or sandpaper to frost the glass, which makes a sound that makes my toes curl. Thankfully, I was wrong.

So the first step was to draw a design on some sticky back plastic. I drew myself a unicorn silhouette with a couple of stars Рprimarily because I can draw unicorns with relative ease. Following the sketch you have to make a decision what bits you want to frost. Essentially wherever the plastic is will not frost, no plastic equals frost.

I cut out my shape with a scalpel and stuck the rest of the plastic on the glass, so I would have a frosty pony. Looking at the sad horsey shape on the matt I decided to stick him on the other side with the stars to create s cool reverse mirror effect on the other side of the glass.

Now here comes the frostiness. Basically you slap etching cream (yes that’s a thing) wherever you want the frost to go, as the plastic protects the rest. After leaving this for about 5 minutes, you rinse it off, peel off the plastic and voila!

I think my glass looks pretty awesome and can not believe quite how simple it was, will definitely look to do this again to make some cool personalised gifts.


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