My little pony

As mention in a previous post I grew up loving all things horse related. I had a heap of plastic ponies from My Beautiful Horses and various other brands that resided in glorious shoe box stables.

The biggest pony toy brand when I was growing up was of course My Little Pony, which is still going strong after a revamp and cartoon series. These brightly coloured ponies have been around since 1983, so of course there have been quite a few knock off products since then, one of which (a glorious blue pony) came into my collection.

I decided to draw Bluebell as a real horse with a proper bone structure. I kept her trademark colour as well as giving her a luscious mane and long eyelashes to keep her pretty. As usual I used a collection of Copic markers to colour the piece and do the shading, outlined with a Letraset fine liner.

Reimagining things from your childhood be it toys, places or people is rewarding and makes your memory smile. Whether you draw literally, or you mix up the memory with a concept like I have it is a great way to spend the time indulging in your past!


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