Night at the (Science) Museum

What to get a science teacher for his birthday? A sleepover surrounded by science with no kids in sight, throw in the new Star Wars movie on IMAX…. geek paradise!

London’s Science Museum does a number of adult sleepovers throughout the year with various themes. This Astronight (as they call it) was magic themed. I must start by saying it is very expensive so it is probably a once in a lifetime thing, it is usually £180 per person however did an offer at £126 (thanks for saving me £100)!

There is were a lot of things going on but here’s a few:

-Long exposure photography – basically one person stands there and the other person pops in and ends up looking like a ghost

-Glass etching – Creating your own frosted design on a glass

-Watching Labyrinth in the IMAX cinema

-Watching Rogue One in the IMAX cinema

-Access to the WonderLab

-Cool demos

-Dinner, with wine or beer (hurrah)

-A cooked breakfast

-Nitrogen ice cream

-Pop corn

On top of all that you can browse around the museum when it is super quiet. There were only about 90 people at the sleepover so it was pretty much deserted.

It was great to get some bits to take away like a cool glass and an awesome photo of us that we couldn’t get elsewhere. I also always love seeing great films in a half empty cinema with yummy popcorn and ice cream created with nitrogen. Not to mention that the cinema was only 100 metres from my bed!

The only areas that I would tweak slightly were food related (as I love my food). The dinner was advertised as street food, so I was ready for some noodles or tacos but the offering was confit duck or blackened salmon, which didn’t really satisfy me. Also there were not really snack options for the evening and when you have dinner at 19:30 and are up until 02:30 (when the second film ended) it’d be nice to have something to munch other than popcorn.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this experience. It was so much fun and it was so lovely to see the museum without the crowds. It’s like being a kid again, experimenting with things, learning and just having a great time.




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