Mini Golf – featuring dinosaurs

Asking Matt what he would like to do on his birthday, his first response was mini golf. So I started to look into courses and was surprised at just how many have sprung up in recent years!

Mini golf was first seen in Scotland in 1867, when the Ladies Putting Club of St Andrews was formed (probably as a distraction for ‘golf widows’). Mini golf has grown across the UK quite rapidly and now, according to The Mirror there are over 700 courses. The sport has as developed from a fun past-time to a competitive one and the British Mini Golf Association (est 1998) now runs over 20 competitions across the UK each year. At a competitive level, worldwide the UK is ranked 18th by the World Mini Golf Sport Federation. Essentially mini golf is huge and will only get more popular.

Luckily for me I have two great courses near my house with cool concepts that are a lot of fun:

Moby Golf – A sea/ Moby Dick themed course in Dagenham, Essex

Jurassic Falls – A dinosaur themed course in Chingford, East London

Matt and I headed to Jurassic Falls bright and early on a Sunday morning and. In summer there are big queues to play these courses, and you have to wait at each hole for the group in front to move on; in the winter this isn’t  the case! We had the course to ourselves for the first 5 of the 18 holes, so it is definitely a top tip to visit these courses in winter if you are a little impatient.

As adults the course isn’t cheap at £9 per person, however you play for around an hour and a half, so it is a similar price to the cinema. The game was fun with varying styles of hole, from ones where you try to putt in a straight line, to one where you hit the ball into the water and let it carry it towards the hole. Of course as the name suggests,  there were a number of roaring moving dinosaurs around the holes, which Matt’s nephew loved! 

The theming makes this place really interesting and cool, with dinosaur prints on the paths and signs with a narrative and dinosaur information for dino-geeks! This course is great for all ages as there is something to entertain everyone.
Mini golf is such a fun activity to get outside, get competitive and do something a bit different. The perception may be that it is for kids, but due to the skill element I think its an awesome activity for adults too.

I would thoroughly recommend you going out and giving it a go!





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