Got Milk?!

As a six year old I can distinctly remember the daily dishing out of milk and a biscuit at school. This was the norm at many school until the last decade or so when we became so much more focused and analytical of our nutritional and dietary needs.

Milk has been widely promoted over the year, most prolifically with the “got milk” campaigns featuring celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and David Beckham. More recently though the love of milk has turned sour, there is even a website now cunningly entitled,

The NHS advises that milk is an important part of a young child’s diet and recommends that those between the ages of one and three need to have around 350mg of calcium a day, which is essentially 300ml of whole milk.

The NHS states that the white stuff it is a great source of protein and calcium for all ages. The only challenge it states with milk (for adults) is the fat content, which can be avoided by choosing a lower fat option such as semi-skimmed. The National Osteoporosis Society advises that adults intake 800mg of calcium every day to ensure strong bones, and milk is a key source of this.

Skimmed cow’s milk can help to achieve both the low fat and calcium goals as it houses contains slightly more calcium than it’s  full-fat counterpart, due to it being the watery part of milk that calcium primarily lives in. Double win!

Of course if you drink a lot of full fat milk you will risk cholesterol and cardiovascular problems, purely due to the amount of fat. Also having too much fat and with it too many calories may lead to weight gain.

Overall milk isn’t bad, it is a great help to our bodies and give much need calcium, just watch the fat content and the amount you drink.



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  1. I love milk in other things like milk. ^^


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