The art form that is drag

Drag is beauty, diversity and pure gorgeousness. For the most part it involves a man dressed with accentuated femininity, but it is always an art.

In recent years that to RuPaul’s Drag Race has brought over 100 queens to the small screen, each unique both in look and talents. I love the show, and I am not alone; the premiere of its eighth season was watched by over 1 million people and streamed by over 1.5 million people. One Queen (the awesome Adore Delano) has over 900,000 followers on Instagram, Violet Chachki (in my picture) has over 100,000 twitter followers. It seems the world has been captivated.

The format the show take is usually a funny mini challenge (like dragging up a puppet of your competitor), a main challenge (maybe a music video, or making a costume) and a runway with a gorgeous costume with a theme. The Queen’s are all so creative and innovative and seeing their ideas come to fruition is amazing.

The show has great heart. A lot of the ladies encountered incredibly hard times and you root for them to achieve their dreams. The struggles that they have come through have made their art all the more beautiful as it has been hard fought. The tears are real and the show gives raw, honest emotion which is incredibly brave.

RuPaul is an amazing, engaging host and mentors the girls with a lot of tough love, earning his nickname of Mama Ru. His talent is enormous not only shown by over 20 years in the business, but by his recent Emmy win.

The show inspires me in so many ways, it is beautiful to behold. The queens have been embraced by the ever more gender neutral fashion industry  with Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott being huge fans. The beauty industry has also got in on the action with huge brands collaborating with the ladies, for example Miss Fame’s partnership with L’OrĂ©al.

The world is becoming more open minded and these queens have the opportunity to travel the world delivering glittering shows to sell out crowds. I thoroughly recommend you grabbing yourself a tickets and losing yourself in this celestial world.



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