Avocado Toast – Hype worthy?

Avocado toast has been having a ‘moment’ for about two years now. To put the craze in perspective as I write, 255,415 people have used #avocadotoast.

Men’s Health has even found that worldwide annual avocado sales are a £2 billion pound industry. The avocado love is real!

The question I have, is can something that tasty actually be healthy? I hear a lot of people saying avocado is a ‘good fat’ but what exactly does that mean in a world where zillions of products boast being reduced or low fat to gain customers?

Upon doing some research, I found a heap of evidence in favour of the green fruit:

Firstly the vitamin and mineral content is off the chain:

Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E to name a few.

The Archives of Medical Research found that by munching the occasional avocado, you could reduce your levels of cholesterol by 22%, this is because they contain monsaturated fats (the good ones).

This has been re-enforced by a study by Journal of the American Association who essentially compared two groups eating the same food except for one group getting their avocado on.

The Journal of the American Heart Association looked at how our green friends impacted on cardio-vascular disease and managed to demonstrate that those eating avocado daily over 5 weeks  reduced their cholesterol and with it their risk of the disease.

These babies also increase antioxidant absorption up to 15x according to the American Society for Nutritional Sciences meaning everything else you eat is super-charged.

There are lots of benefits that are recorded, but another great one is recorded by the Nutritional Journal where a study of 26 people indicated that eating avocado leaves you feeling fuller for longer; helping you to lose weight.

Overall the avocado seems to be an amazing food that helps your health in so many ways whilst being super delicious. Happy brunching!





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