My Resolutions

So the new year arrived and with it lots of huuuuuge resolutions.

For me, I am keeping it simple: to be happy

Ok, so that’s not so simple and will take work, but really it is the most important thing. If you aren’t happy and feeling positive you won’t attract great people and things.

The little steps I’m employing are:

-To spend more time with those people that make you smile and laugh

-To be more healthy – through food and exercise

-To pursue hobbies that I enjoy e.g. horse riding

-To help others. I’m training to be a life coach this January and hope to help people throughout the year (my life coaching website)

What are you going to do to make your 2017 great?


One Comment Add yours

  1. World Domination. All shall bow before me. *steeples fingers*


    For a more serious one, I think my resolution is to improve my Japanese and exercise more.


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