Dogs on a train

Why do I get so excited to see a dog riding the train?

My heart melts and I can’t stop looking at may sound weird but glancing around the carriage half of them are at it too (some more secretively than others).

What is it about a four legged friend that lifts the tedium? So many people get on the train and no one makes eye contact and they all make sure they don’t look in one place for too long…this London Underground etiquette goes out the window in the presence of a dog.

For me, I find I’m worrying about if they’re enjoying themselves or if the people are too close, whilst resisting the urge to stroke them. Again we wouldn’t dream of petting the nearest human, but this is different.

Animals soothe the soul and bring people together. Your Facebook feed will confirm this as somewhere on it they’ll be a video of people helping a lovely creature with an endless stream of  likes.

The mind boggles at the unconditional love we share with animals vs the very conditional love we place on humans. I suppose we have a saviour complex when it comes to the furry ones, in that they don’t have a voice (or opposable thumbs) with which to help themselves.

Either way, seeing a canine on my commute makes the journey quicker, as well as making me feel more friendly for the rest of the day.


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