A Modern Portrait

Back in the day, families would sit for hours to have their portraits painted so they could pop their likenesses on the wall. Historically this was the reserve of only the most affluent of society, over time this trickled down to the middles classes and now they are available to everyone (hurrah).

Nowadays it is really simple you don’t have to sit for a portrait or even meet your artist, you have an artistic talent pool at your fingertips encircling the Earth!(thank you internet) To get you started, you can find lots of great artists on Etsy that’ll do a cracking job from a photo or two and will email it to you as a jpeg in no time at all.

I had decided that I wanted a family portrait of Moshi, Matt and I, but I am totally unable to draw myself, so I started to look for someone that would do a commission for me. I was only gently searching, but whilst browsing the pictures of the latest Crafty Fox Market I stumbled upon a corker!

Viktorija from And Smile Studio ‘s work really stood out. As well as selling some gorgeous prints and cards, she also does commissions. The cost of the pieces vary on the number of people and animals involved, for us with two people and a cat it was £90. I sent a couple of pictures and could even choose how I wanted my hair done and my outfit (wish it was that simple in real life!), and that was it.

Within a couple of weeks out gorgeous picture was back! As well as the file, Viktorija sent a lovely, high quality A3 print which is just itching to be framed.

It’s so lovely to capture a moment in time of your family in the form of art, and its also super interesting to see how an artist perceives you. I even think portraiting (if that’s a word) may become a bit of a tradition for us.



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