Foreo Luna Play – What does that mean?

I am pretty happy with my cleanser (details here), but when I was sent this little baby and was informed it could effectively super charge it, I was intrigued to say the least.

I’ve seen various sizes of these, this is the smallest and is about as big as a cotton pad. Being smaller and of limited-life (a life of about 100 minutes apparently) it is cheaper than its siblings at £29, but for 29p a minute I wouldn’t say it was a super affordable option.

The way it works is that it vibrates (8000 pulsations a minute according to their website, but I haven’t counted) which helps to dislodge makeup or dirt, to lightly exfoliate and to stimulate circulation to get your cells moving better.

The device is easy to handle and does move makeup, however you need to keep dunking it as the gaps between the fingers do get full of makeup and cleanser quite quickly. It does make my skin pink when using so must be boosting circulation however, I have used it every day for over two weeks and haven’t seen a marked difference in my skin.

I use muslins to wipe off excess cleanser so am already getting the exfoliation and the botanicals in my cleanser combined with a bit of a facial massage boost the circulation, which makes this cute little thing a bit redundant for me.

It was a great thing to try but unfortunately I don’t feel that it’s value for money for me, as other parts of my routine carry out the functions that it brings.

If you want to give it a go, it’s available at Cult Beauty as well as a few other places at the same price, would be great to hear how you get on!


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