Cross Stitching – Rose Design

I seem to recall cross stitching as a child using wool and it being quite a quick and effective process….as an adult it wasn’t so easy.

Walking through Hobbycraft, I saw some cross stitch kits and thought that this could make a lovely gift for my nan. Picking up a lovely rose design that even came with the bits you needed to make it into a coaster (here’s a link to it) I popped off to the till.

Opening the kit I was presented with an A4 sheet with the picture of the rose divided into squares. Each square had a symbol corresponding to which colour should go there… sounds easy enough just to count along and stitch a cross…wow it’s tricky.

This design took me a total of about 7 hours to complete. If you look at the example picture and mine, they are different for two reasons:

  1. I made mistakes and counted wrong
  2. two of my five shades of red were so similar I decided to count them as the same and adapt the design to make it look nicer.

The art is relaxing and the end product looks lovely but you certainly need a lot of time, patience and ideally need to be good at following detailed instructions (that’s challenging for me).

If you want to have a go, I’d suggest starting small and simple to test you patience and build up to something a bit more fancy.



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