Portraits in memory of

Once someone passes there comes a point when you’ve seen all the photos out there of them, but you miss them and crave a new piece of their essence to reminisce over.

Portraiture is a lovely way of doing this, as it give you the opportunity to think about what things an artist must put across to truly capture their energy. It also imprints their image on another person’s mind and gets people talking about that person, giving them life.

The subject of this piece is my uncle, Neil, who sadly passed away thirty years ago this winter. At this time there weren’t too many photos, so this particular photograph is special to both my mum and my nan. My first attempt just didn’t cut the mustard, I struggled to capture the facial expression and energy and it was noticeable to me and to my art critic (hello, mum!). This second attempt came out much better and emanates warmth.

The lines,coloursĀ and shading always bring the picture to life, and I took some pics of the various stages to show you how important these bits are below.

Drawing with sentiment and for others is harder, but is so much more rewarding as your work can stir emotions and remind people of happy times and great people.



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