Beauty Advent Calendars – Space NK

For those of you saying what is one of those when its at home?! essentially its a chocolate advent calendar that substitutes chocolates for beauty products (usually sample sizes).

For the last couple of years I’ve lusted over beauty advent calendars from gorgeous brands such as Liberty’s and Selfridges, but with price tags of a couple of hundred pounds, I simply couldn’t justify the cost.

This year has seen the rise of the beauty advent calendar with luxe brands like Charlotte Tilbury to high street brands like Superdrug getting in on the action (they did a gorgeous colab with Tanya Burr).

The big plus of these calendars is that you get to try a lot of different products, the opportunity to trial expensive products before forking out for a whole pot is invaluable. No more spending on alleged super creams that don’t work! Huzzah! Of course the challenge is that you don’t know what you will get and there’s always a product or two that is not quite for you (due to skin type, colour etc).

This year when starting my Christmas shopping (in November) I came across an offer with SpaceNK; spend £250 and get a beauty advent calendar for free. The calendar itself had a ‘value’ of £380 and contained a £50 voucher, so looked like a great deal. As well as the free gift and voucher, as a member of their N.dulge program, I earned £10 worth of points. Needless to say a lot of people are getting their Christmas gifts from SpaceNK this year!

The calendar has 24 gifts in it, where some others have 12 and boasts skincare, haircare, fragrance and beauty products. The samples up until now are shown in the picture and include brands like Sunday Riley, NARS and Nuxe, which are beautiful quality products. What I love about this calendar is that they have chosen nice pieces that have great reviews and haven’t tried to push items you wouldn’t normally buy, as well as giving you a large enough sample to actually try it properly!

Take for example the mini NARS bronzer in Laguna (comes in the same size as a NARS eyeshadow here) on their website all 15 reviews rank it as 5 stars. The normal size retails at £28 so this mini could be worth £14 alone. There’s enough to get your brush in there and to keep you going for the rest of winter!

The Lipstick Queen, Frog Prince blush is a full size and retails at £22. This is the green item in the bottom, that once on your skin reacts to the pH and makes your own personal shade of blush….You only need a tiny bit, so this will be with me for months.

Overall this calendar was an amazing find in that it was ‘free’ and has allowed me to try some incredible products that I’d be too put off by the price to try the full size. The quality of the pieces has been incredible from packaging to ingredients. Finally the excitement of opening a beautiful little present each day has been fantastic!

I would 100% recommend getting a beauty advent calendar, but make sure the products and the price are right!




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