It’s Mariah dahrlinggg!

On 15th December, MAC launched their Mariah Carey limited edition collection. By 11am it was completely sold out online.

Running down to the store on Carnaby Street I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous lipstick, dahrlinggg (that’s the name of the lipstick, not me being fancy). There were loads of people clustered around the glittering Mariah display and it was selling fast.

MAC have done an amazing job with this range from a marketing perspective, having key influencers like YouTube stars sent the range in advance which they happily posted all over their social media. Mimi herself has also been showing of the range all over the place. I have been waiting for this range to land for about a month now!

Whilst I know for most things you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover….. this packaging is incredible. A silver sparkly bullet with a rose gold band around the middle, which opens to reveal a beautiful lipstick imprinted with a butterfly. So beautiful! :-0

The lipstick itself is a pale glossy pinky/peach that looks natural with a sheen. As it isn’t matt, it doesn’t last very long, so would be great if you went to an event where you weren’t going to drink much! That said at this time of year when your lips can be a touch dryer it’s quite nice to have a pretty lipstick with a bit of moisture.

This is a great sheeny lipstick and a lovely product on a par with MAC’s others. The point of difference is the sparkle and I am more than a little in love with it!




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