Pokémon Go – Is it over already?

For those of us that grew up in the 90s/00s Pokémon was a huge thing.

There were times when that theme tune played on repeat in my head for weeks on end. I watched the TV show, collected the cards and most importantly played the games (red, blue, yellow, green, sapphire etc etc). I think in total I must have spent about six months of my life on Pokémon related pursuits…

This year Pokémon Go was released which is essentially a game on your phone that adds the little monsters into your world. Through their super cool augmented reality you can see them (and catch them) in your environment. (demonstrated below by my nan and a Pidgey with no table manners).pokemon go pidgey.PNG

When the game was first released, for about two weeks people from the ages of about 12 to 29 were seen wandering the streets, trying to catch them all. The game also has a feature where you have to walk a certain number of kilometres (2, 5 or 10) to hatch more little creatures out of eggs. Love it or loathe it in mid October Nintendo reported that players had taken 144 billion steps in the 6 months that the game had been live.

According to the BBC at its peak the ap had 45,000,000 users, which is incredible. A month later this figure dropped to 30,000,000 as users got bored and gave up. This figure has been slowly declining and only the steadfast continue to play, waiting for the next update to be released (big announcement to be made today according to Wired.com).

I am one of the steadfast that still gives them game an occasional play mostly due to a hideous competitive streak (the boyfriend has the ap too), but also due to a sense of nostalgia. Seeing the little characters from my youth feels so familiar and its kinda good to feel like you know a bit more about the game all the kids are playing.

I hope that’s not it for the game and that it keeps on evolving (pardon the pun) as it has been one of the hugest innovations in gaming and has managed to get so many people out and about!

All that’s left to be said is

“I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…………” – and now it’s stuck in my head again :-/



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