Creating Christmas

Keeping up with the festive theme that seems to be infiltrating everything at the moment, Matt and I went to a Christmas crafting party hosted by Homemade London.

We all met in a pub off Oxford Street and took to the function room to start creating. The lovely George (Wham’s Last Christmas -definitely my fave song for this time of year) was pumping and the mince pies were ready, it was time to begin.

First we made beeswax, tree shaped candles. Surprisingly easy; essentially just roll a triangle of wax around a wick. I have seen these on Etsy for £4 a pop, so in making three I’d essentially paid for half of my ticket in one foul swoop!


Next we made some little clay tags, cut into the forms of holly, angels, gingerbread men etc etc. You forget how fun clay is… I went off piste and made a little horse too. It was very hard to move people on from the clay station as it seemed to appeal to the logical crafters (cutting perfect shapes) and the creative crafters (freestylin’).

Now we moved onto the tricky part, paper stars. Actually it is one of those things that looks really complex, but if you follow the steps isn’t too hard. The worst part was trying to stick the two sides together.. it was like a Capulet and Montague in the same room (pre Romeo and Juliet). Eventually it stuck but it’s still super fragile….so pretty though.

Finally we started on decorating a stocking. There was a choice of white or dark green and since you can’t really wash stockings I plumped for the dark green. With 20 minutes to go unfortunately getting the stocking perfectly decorated was an insurmountable feat, primarily because they had sequins and I love sequins!

Overall it was a good evening and re-enforced the Christmassy vibes. It’s nice to do crafts that you haven’t done for ages and come out of a Friday night (with wine) with something useful you can keep.

We spend so long parked in front of the TV ,which for the most part gains you nothing apart from an odd answer in a pub quiz… just think if we used all that time to build and make things, how personal our home décor and gifts would become.


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  1. This sounds like such a fun evening


    1. It was so fun! Especially with a glass of prosecco 😊


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