The Power of Makeup

Over the past year so videos have been springing up all over YouTube entitled “the power of makeup” they essentially show someone making up half their face to show what difference a bit of slap makes (my attempt is pictured).

There are two relatively defined camps when it comes to makeup, the can’t really be bothereds and the I love its – I am in the latter of the two, if you’re interested.

What interests me on the subject is the why do we do makeup. For the most part men don’t feel the need to don makeup; however a lot of ladies resist leaving the house without their favourite product on.

According to the BBC on average, a lady in the UK will spend 474 days of her life applying makeup, and on average girls start wearing it regularly from the age of just 11.

The main whys for wearing it in my mind ,are the media, the expectation of society and for our own confidence. Primarily its all about perceived attractiveness.

The psychological back workings of why we wear certain products are really fascinating.An example of this is foundation, which evens out skin tone, covers blemishes etc, this in turn makes your skin and with it you, look more healthy and as such appear more attractive. Another example would be blusher, when a lady is ovulating apparently she is more blushy… with blush we are trying to look fertile?!

It is so bizarre that we as humans have consciously or unconsciously defined these features to be attractive. It is also interesting that a man wearing blush could be seen as less attractive (as mostly an ovulating man is not reproductively useful).

As women have a shorter fertility window we seem to have tailored our looks to extend the time that we look as though we are in the fertile zone. Men’s time period is longer, so those attracted to men tend to focus more on strength or resources according to Psychology Today.

So the argument that cosmetics are purely cosmetic, appears to be physiologically flawed as it have a linear relationship with attractiveness at a base level. That said superficial beauty’s attraction only lasts so long and the long term building blocks of relationships are all about what’s on the inside.

So I supposed the face (with or without makeup) is the door to the house, and how appealing that door is may slightly increase your chances of someone coming in…and therein is the power of makeup.



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  1. Great post! I was inspired to do the same recently, and i felt so funny doing it! My 5 month old puppy needed to be walked and i had to go outside like that lol I was so lucky nobody saw me!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! haha pets must think we’re crazy. My cat is always giving me the look like I’m insane!

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  2. Says you omg youre naturally stunning!


  3. Very interesting topic.

    I also heard about the blush thing and how it makes us look fertile. Another odd thing about human females is that our breasts stay firm even when we aren’t in a fertile time period or pregnant. In most species the bests only get visible when they are needed.

    However, in human woman they are like that from puberty and until menopause. So it isn’t just makeup, somehow women have physically grown to appear fertile at all times. I’m rather curious why. It clearly must have offered an advantage to us way back when.

    I am one of those “can’t be bothered” women most of the time. I usually just throw on foundation and a dab of mascara.

    However, Japanese women can’t be seen without putting bucket loads on. I watched a Japanese drama where one woman proudly declared, “Make-up and fashion are a woman’s armor and shield. It’s how we do battle with the world”.

    Which makes putting on make-up sound kinda kick ass.

    So I guess we’re not putting on make-up, but “donning our fighting gear”? 😉


    1. It is strange how we evolve… and that other species haven’t followed the same evolutionary path. Haha I like your point about armour! Not sure who the enemy is though?

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