Miracle Cleanser?

A miracle? Now that’s a massive claim!

I was on the hunt for a gentle, natural but super effective cleanser. Talking to my lovely beautician (shout out to Natalie at Kings and Queens, Buckhurst Hill) she talked so highly of the range. Natalie sees and tries a lot of products so is a trust worthy source. Checking SpaceNK The reviews there were great too. To top it all, it claimed to be scientifically proven to work. 

The cleanser pictured is the big version (240ml) there are smaller quantities available but these don’t have pumps, so I plumped for the biggun just because it feels a bit more hygienic…

The cleanser is a cream that you massage on and wash off with a muslin, taking a few dead skin cells with it. With the smaller version you get a cloth, however with the large version you don’t (but for £18 you can buy 7 of them). The beauty of the muslin is that it is gently exfoliating and that you can wash it and use it again and again; very eco-friendly.

The cream has lots of botanicals in it that sooth and hydrate my skin (chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot to name a few) these are accompanied by peptides to help replenish your skin. Peptides are essentially amino acids that make up the proteins in your skin, one of these proteins being the famous collagen that’s an awesome anti-ager.

The cleanser also contains a pro-biotic. Yes this is a similar thing to those little yoghurty drinks. Essentially you are adding “good” bacteria to your skin that help enhance its defences against things such as pollution.

If you’re really into your science there’s a whole heap of info on the Aurelia website about each ingredient and how it works.

I have now been using this cleanser for 3 months (the small pot lasted that long!) and it is marvellous. It gets all my makeup off and makes my skin feel plump and soft, where a lot of cleansers have left it tight. A really lovely product, especially for the colder months where your skin needs a little more love.

Aurelia also do a trial size (30ml) with a cloth for £14, so you can see if it works before spending the earth. This in its self shows a bit of confidence on their part that you’ll fall in love.




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