Turning back the clock on your skin – at snail’s pace!

The Korean beauty industry invests a lot in research, and as such finds some innovative and shall we say, interesting ingredients to use. There is a big focus on ingredients from nature and after a lot of research, they stumbled upon the skincare benefits of snails, their slime to be precise.

I know it sounds gross, but when you look at what’s in it, it kinda makes sense. The slime (known as snail extract) is the stuff snails use to heal themselves and is made  of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin- all great skin things.

It’s claimed that the snail juice firms and plumps up skin by providing intense moisture and boosting cell regeneration. Many a beauty blogger has gone mad for it so I decided to take the plunge.

Actually its quite cheap for a wonder product at just £14 for Mizon’s all in one snail repair cream 75ml on Amazon (link below). I chose this one for three reasons, firstly that it is 92% snail serum, secondly that it was well priced and thirdly that it was on Amazon so easy to get my hands on.

The cream is more like a gel (more snail-ey), but it doesn’t smell like how I imagine a snail to which is a bonus. It goes on easily and is absorbed quickly. It makes my skin feel really hydrated and has definitely improved the texture with regular use (once a day for over three weeks). I’m not sure if it’ll permanently affect wrinkles, but it makes my skin look more youthful overall. I would recommend it especially for tight winter skins.

Last week I was id-ed for a glass of mulled wine (starting Christmas early), so I must be doing something right! I would recommend this cream for skin plumping due to hydration, but combine with a serum to give it a vitamin c boost.


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  1. maybe if I didn’t think about what it is because the thought of putting snail slime on my skini makes me want to throw up! I find snails and slugs pretty gross


    1. Hahaha it doesn’t smell or feel like slime, but the thought is quite grim. I guess at least it’s natural


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