Losing it – Before and After

As mentioned in my previous post , in March this year I realised I’d filled out a bit (to put it nicely). I had been particularly lazy taking up a long term residency on my sofa, which; on reflection had made me feel tired and led to my continuing to sit still for long periods.

The breaking of the cycle started partly due to having time on my hands, but also due to a rather ghastly picture that surfaced of my upper arm resembling a ham (I really despise Facebook’s tagging system sometimes). I signed up to bounce classes as previously mentioned, but when I go for something I’m not into halves so I looked at other options too.

Finding a local personal trainer is no mean feat. I can’t train at home as the cat’s curiousity would have led to many an incident, so needed to find someone I could visit, that wouldn’t charge the earth. Also I didn’t really want to train with an audience as I wanted to train as hard as I could, which would mean sweat, probably a few tears and the odd groan (think women’s tennis final at Wimbledon).

I started by looking on nrpt.co.uk where you can search for qualified trainers by postcode. This is a great site, however no one really jumped out at me. I then trawled through Facebook and Instagram and on searching #essexpt found a great option. The beauty of finding someone through social media is that you can get a feel for their personality, methods and interests from their feed. The downside is that you might not see their qualifications, but most have a website that can fill those gaps!

I found a great local trainer and when buying a package I get an hours session for £25- this may sound a lot, but PTs usually cost £40-£50 a hour. The benefits of having a trainer are immense, your hour is personalised and insanely intense (if you push yourself). It is worth remembering that your trainer can only push you so far, the drive to smash through the pain and tiredness barrier is all on you. If you can train hard, you get results quite quickly, but be warned two days after your session you may ache; a lot!

The main picture shows 7/8 months worth of work, without dieting or neglecting my favourite foods and I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s been hard work, but worth it. Now the challenge is keeping it up!


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