As I’ve said previously, walking can be boring. Throw in a dog or two however and walking becomes a happy place for me.

Living in a flat I’m unable to have a pooch of my own (I also think the king of the flat, my lovely moggie, Moshi would not be impressed) and my partner loves dogs more than anything, so I began to look into how we could spend time with a dog without owning one.

I stumbled across Borrow My Doggy in my searches which brings together those who need help walking or looking after their dogs due to work commitments, illness, holidays etc and those of us who want a bit more dog in our lives. The site is simple and essentially involves you popping up a profile, searching doggie profiles in your area and messaging the owners of those you’d like to meet. As a borrower the annual fee to be listed is only £9.99; for owners its more expensive at £44.99 but usually the walkers are volunteering to walk your dog for free, so it’ll pay for itself.

After several messages getting no reply a lovely lady with a Labrador and a Labrador-Staffie (Staffrador?) cross got in touch. We met the boys and took them for their first walk; well I suppose you could say they took us!

Since then we have been going every week (sometimes more than once) and taking them out for walk/jog. This is great exercise for me, including a touch arm workout and also seems to melt the stress of the day away. The dogs recognise us by knock on the door alone now and it is so satisfying to see their excitement as we pop on their collars.

I’d thoroughly recommend borrowing a doggy! If the website doesn’t work in your area, your local branch of the RSPCA will often be on the hunt for regular walkers to show their residents some love.



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