Christmas is drawing close

Christmas comes earlier every year (can we create a bad luck rumour about starting to early, like the one about getting your decs down after?!). With the Christmassy music from every shop I seem to go into ringing in my ear, I set about designing my Christmas card for this year.

I love a classic, elegant, vintage inspired look and find William Travilla’s designs for Marilyn Monroe to be great food for thought. Browsing through a few designs I found a gorgeous slinky number with a big bow on the back from “Gentlemen prefer Blondes”; fantastic.

Using the design as inspiration I did a pencil sketch, following up with a black fine liner. Colour is where I veered from the original design, opting for a more seasonal red, and blue gloves to add a contrast. I also wanted to pump up the seasonality of the piece so threw some holly in the background.

Felt tip pens are no longer the reserve of primary schoolers, as there are some amazing options out there. I have an ongoing love affair with copic markers, that are great for blending as well as giving you the option of buildable colour (that’s how those cheekbones are contoured). There is a downside to copic love in the UK in that they are expensive and hard to get your paws on. A cheaper more readily available option is the promarker by letraset that you can get in hobbycraft, which deliver striking colour and are just a touch less blendable.

I’m really happy with the design and have had printed into cards by Moo, along with some festive sliver envelopes. I’m super excited to hear what my friends and family think!

I’d love to hear what you think and see some of your designs!


Link to Promarkers at Hobbycraft

Moo website



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