Losing it – Bounce

Back in March this year, I was made redundant. Having been working at a burger and barbecue restaurant, (where lunch was free) I found that I now had a few extra pounds to contend with as well as a lot of free time.

I’ve never been particularly good at staying inside for days on end, so I started to walk. I set myself the task of walking five miles a day and kept this up for about a week and a half. This was a start, but I quickly got bored of the same streets around my house as well as the delights of Spotify, so I started to look at different options.

A friend (shout out to Helen) told me about a new exercise trend that has been sweeping Essex; Bounce. This will sound a bit crazy but its essentially a one hour class involving a kind of choreographed bouncing dance on a mini trampoline. You do 40 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes of toning – leg raises, sit ups and other lovely ache inducing moves.

It sounds like it’d be a nice, easy, fun class; it may be fun but it is incredibly energetic work if you jump really hard. It is three times more effective than running and can burn more than 700 calories in a class :-0

It is amazing! I have been going at least once a week since then (one week I went four times) and have seen huge results, especially around the mid and back sections.

I love it and it seems the rest of the country is going mad for it, as over the 7 months the classes have gone from being available in about 4 venues to over 50! The classes are full of people of all shapes, sizes and abilities and as Bounce says have a “fun, friendly and fierce” vibe. Classes start from £5.50 if you book in advance and I would thoroughly recommend them!

Top tip: You can wear your crazy coloured and printed leggings to class, they love it! They even sell some cute ones on their website

The Bounce Website



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