Holy Moly… that’s Tony Moly

The Korean beauty industry is huge! According to the BBC, last year, South Korea exported more than £1.85bn worth of cosmetics. K-beauty popped onto the radar with BB creams hitting the shelves in around 2011 and hasn’t slowed down.

One particular type of product has piqued my interest; the sheet mask. As a teenager I spent hours with all manner of gloop spread across my face and spent even longer scrubbing off these traditional liquid-ey face masks. The taking off was such a pain (and I always missed a stray bit) that the idea of a mask you can just whip off when your done sounds marvellous!

I invested in a pack of Tony Moly’s sheet masks which are handily available on Amazon, which set me up with all 11 varieties for £13.85. Price wise this was looking pretty good at £1.26 a mask, cheaper than the mud masks available on the high street.

The pack comes with a number of solutions from hydrating through to elasticity and purifying, so essentially gives you a wardrobe for any skin ‘event’.

After cleansing throughly I ripped open the first pack to find a natural fibre mask doused in what felt like a serum. I popped it on and walked to the sofa to chill out for half an hour, the boyfriend was a bit shocked at my Texas chainsaw inspired visage, but other than that it was a relaxing experience.(There are eye holes in the mask so you can have a good read if you get a bit restless with your eyes closed)

After whipping the masks off my face looked plumped, but I suppose it would having had moisture sit on it for a long time. The best results came from the brightening (yellow) and elasticity (red) masks for me as I could see and feel a good difference. The results lasted for each mask for about a day and my makeup sat more happily than usual.

These masks were definitely a win! Impactful, easy to use and at a great price, what’s not to love?!

K-Beauty standards suggest using sheet masks 2-3 times a week, which I would happily do if I could remember and sit still for an hour and a half a week!

Want to have a go? The link to Amazon is below. Would be great to hear your thoughts.

Link to Tony Moly masks on Amazon


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